Professional realizations


Domoleaf configurator

Date : 2014
Description : Domoleaf is a platform for the optimization of the price of a home automatism system. It also automatically generates a remote to control the installation.
  • SAAS platform development
  • Client-server architecture, with API
  • Management
Used skills : Algorithmic, GNU/Linux and HTML/CSS/PHP/SQL/Javascript

R&D on the D3

Date : 2013-2014
Description : D3 is a home automatism box to control an habitation.
  • Installation
  • Software optimization
  • Remote control for users and troubleshoots
  • Webcam configuration
Used skills : Algorithmic, GNU/Linux and SQL

Server administration

Date : Since 2013
Description : Installation, administration of dedicate and virtual servers
Used skills : Apache, Mysql, Ubuntu, Firewall, OpenVZ, IT security

Sopra Group

R&D on EvolanIB

Date : 2012
Description : EvolanIB is an international banking software developed by Sopra Group. I studied and began the migration from NS-Design to NatXtend. As part of this research I have realized Bash scripts to simplify and optimize the code. I've also written a guide to facilitate the migration. I used the NSDK languages and the SQLServer database management system.


Set up of a development infrastructure

Date : 2009-2011
Description : Implementation of a development and sharing solution based on LAMP / OpenVPN / VirtualBox / Samba / SVN.
Used skills : GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, OpenVPN, VirtualbOX, Samba, SVN, Backup, RAID, infrastructure analyze

Server administration

Date : 2009-2011
Description : Server administration on Ubuntu and Centos
Used skills : Centos, Ubuntu

Sites Internet

Date : 2009-2011
Description : Web development with an home made CMS and Drupal.
Used skills : Drupal, langages HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL