VCA, a free web panel for OpenVZ

Daemon installation

Web panel installation

Web panel installation on GNU/Linux

You can use installation scripts from /usr/share/vca/scripts.

To install automatically VCA, launch installation script and answer yo the questions :
cd /usr/share/vca/scripts
bash vca-linux.bash
It's also possible to install it by hands.

Requirements :
  • VCA in /usr/share/vca
  • Apache or Nginx
  • a domain (real or not)
  • PHP with curl and mcrypt support
  • OpenSSL
  • MySQL
  • gettext
  • For apache : mod_rewrite

Installation :
  • Configure the domain to /usr/share/vca/www
  • Create the database "vca"
  • Importer the base from /usr/share/vca/db
  • Configure the database in /usr/share/vca/www/config.php
  • Copy /usr/share/vca/conf/vca.cron in /etc/cron.d/

Now we will create the translation files.
cd /usr/share/vca/www/lang/
msgfmt fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po -o fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/
msgfmt es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po -o es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/

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